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Living Skinless, a Live film directed by Rod Sanchez      

"LIVING SKINLESS" :: | :: Exploring Live Cinema
The images above are stills of the film "Living Skinless."

Raul Sanchez
Ateet Tuli
Chris Page
Chris Zonnas

make-up artist
Eva Marie Denst

"Living Skinless,"directed by Rod Sanchez, is a live cinema experience where the
audio and visuals of the movie on screen will be performed live. The experience of the
film, "Living Skinless," takes place between a pre-recorded narrative and a
live performance. "Living Skinless," becomes a digitally animated live film that
transforms traditional movie theatre cinema into a three dimensional sensory
experience. Rod's intention with this film is to evolve the traditional cinema event
from an experience on the screen into an experience that can occur in a three
dimensional sensory space. The live components of the film will not only place the
film within the same three-dimensional realm as the audience, but will also create
room for a dialogue to occur between the film and the performance.

The film "Living Skinless" creates a surreal reality combining 2D & 3D computer
generated imagery and animation composited with live action sequences, and
paint to depict the internal state of being for a painter as his painting is unfolding
in the outside world.

Sequences of the film can be seen here: Reel



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