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Ink Incisions, directed by Rod Sanchez      

"INK INCISIONS" :: | :: Exploring Live Cinema
The images above are stills from a live Performance of "Ink Incisions."

Raul Sanchez

The technique for this particular sequence is done in stop-motion
animation where I drew the ink tattoo frame by frame, and then
added effects by adjusting the speed of the clips for a dramatic effect.
I also created the sound design, combining a sample of "Matmos" with
self recorded sounds of me breathing, jackhammers, copy machine,
and a subway turnstyle.

The performance consists of Rod Sanchez on two laptop machines mixing live visuals,
and electronic beats/sounds and Raul Sánchez on keyboard performing melodies on
strings, clavicord, & piano.

Sequences of the film can be seen here: Reel



copyright © 2018 Rod Sánchez