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Fall 2008 Catalog Cover Illustration      

Random House Children's Books Catalog Cover Design ||||| Fall 2008
A catalog cover designed to present upcoming titles of Random House Childrenís Books, for the Fall of 2008.

The cover design had three major goals: Create a treatment to illustrate the upcoming fall season, utilize a dragon theme throughout, and bring forth the meaning of imagination within Random House Childrenís Books.

The illustration design, which fully wraps around the gatefold format, depicts a progression of discovery, meaning, and rhythmic movement, which unfolds first from the bold image of a majestic dragon. The viewer then discovers the central image of a child reading under a tree of falling leaves. The child
's imagination creates the birth of the two fantastical dragons flowing throughout the design.

The color and texture of the piece created with spray paint, illustrates the feeling of the fall season flowing within the forms of the image. The dragon theme throughout, supports the featured title for this season, "Brisinger," by bestselling author, Christopher Paolini.

The interior page design features the upcoming titles for fall 2008, while emphasizing, Random House Childrenís Bookís rich imaginative legacy from classic childrenís books old and new.




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