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Lang Lang Brochure Illustration    

Sell-In Brochure||||| Lang Lang's Story: Playing with Flying Keys
Illustrated Lang Lang in a vector graphic style, to give the brochure a fresh/edgy look to embellish a rock-star feel. This full-color tri-fold brochure was designed to promote the publication of the nonfiction middle-grade title, Lang Lang's Story: Playing with Flying Keys. The brochure also highlights Random House Children's Books marketing and publicity support for the title, and was distributed to the companyís sales representatives to use in their sales calls to retail and school/library accounts.

The brochure's dynamic design conveys the bookís autobiographical content while also giving visual substance to Lang Lang's unique personalityóunderscoring the 24-year-old prodigy's "rock star" sensibility as well as his classical music roots. The layout and format of the piano keys on the brochure were designed to actual piano key measurement. The exterior front and back of the tri-fold brochure is comprised of exactly one full octave of piano keys, while the lines flowing through the interior graphically represent musical stanzas. The lines also develop as a crescendo of flying key notes (a nod to the bookís subtitle), beginning at the book cover image and continuing across the brochureís key text points to the timeline of photographs, graphically connecting the story of Lang Lang's life from his early childhood to the present.



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