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Random House Inc.
__Cover Design
__JPMorgan Chase T Shirt
__Sell-in Brochures
__Realms of Fantasy
__MAD Kids Magazine
__Dr. Seuss
__Walt Disney
Booklist Magazine
__CD/DVD Packaging

Scholastic Inc.
__Cover Design
__Logo Design
__Package Design

Baruch College CUNY
__Bulletin Cover
__NYC Subway Ads
__Time Out New York

Liz Claiborne Inc.
__Curve Line: Graphics
__Textile Design

The Scotts Company
__Package Design
__Truck Graphics

TBS Superstation
__Seinfeld & Friends

Logo : Identity*
__The Weather Channel
__Random House Inc.

__Scholastic Inc.




Textile / CAD Design || | ||Sears Metro Concepts || | ||Liz Claiborne Inc.
These are some samples of CAD Design graphics I designed for the "Sears Metroconcepts Line." Next to working as a graphic designer for the "Curve Line," I also worked as a textile/CAD designer creating graphic prints for mens woven and knitwear. This line was in stores in the spring of 2005.


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