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Package Design      

Scotts Potting Soil package Design|| | ||The Scotts Company
These are two package graphics for "Potting Soil, plus Osmocote," and "Potting Soil regular brand." I designed the layout of the graphic layout as well as assisted in photo shoot of the flower background. Also from the design of the graphics, I also color-corrected and digitally enhanced and manipulated the photograph of the flowers on each of the packages to have them relate as a family, but also so that they are distinguishable as different Scotts products.



Scotts Potting Mix package Design|| | ||The Scotts Company
This is the front, top, and side panel of the Miracle-Gro
Potting Mix Package Design. I designed the layout of the
information as well as the graphic illustrations of the
f lowers on the side panel oof the box. I also assisted in
setting up the photo shoot for the photo placed on the front
panel, and digitally color-corrected, cropped, and digitally
enhanced the photograph for optimum printing.

Palette Banner Graphics|| | ||The Scotts Company
he image above illustrates a 3D Rendering of the Potting Mix layout palette model. I created this 3D model in "Alias Wavefront" software, "Alias Studio" in order to illustrate how the layout of the boxes were to be layed out while bieng displayed at Walmart stores. This graphic was also published in the Scotts catalogue.


Palette Banner Graphics|| | ||The Scotts Company
The image above illustrates one of the two full layout banner
design; while below the images of the palettes themselves
depict how each banner will look in the "Walmart"and
"Home Depot" store fronts.

In the layout above I designed the placement of the signage
and also assisted in the photo-shoot setup of the flowers.
Digital touch-ups and enhancements where implemented
before finla print production of the banners.The bottom two
banner graphics I created from scratch.

Palette Banner Graphics|| | ||The Scotts Company
took a photograph of a prototype product bag. Then by implementing color correction and replicating it to create the layout of the new product on a stacked palette, I then began adding visual effects creating shadow blends and perspective, I placed the updated signage banner graphics around the stacked product, as well as placed them on the wood palette strips making them look as real as possible.

These graphics were utilized as specs for the buyer to know how the layout of the product would be displayed in stores, and also published in the 2003 Scotts Catalog.

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