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Storytime Logo | ||||||||||Magazine / Brochure      

Storytime Logo
A logo I designed to brand the Storytime seasonal magazine/brochure, in presenting upcoming titles of Random House Children's Books.

Storytime is a collectable magazine/brochure for kids who love to Read + Create (art/crafts). Each edition of Storytime is released every season, and introduces kids to upcoming children's books, and also teaches kids, new activities to participate in relating to the new titles introduced. The content of Storytime would be to look inside for some great ideas! Ideas for kids to be able to share and have fun reading, and also being active. Storytime is a magazine that envokes the feeling of fun and excitement for kids to enjoy reading.
It's a magazine fo kids ages 3—12 yrs. of age.

Look and feel
Fun, Inspiring, Bright, Warm, Open, Exciting, Creative, and Collectable, to list a few adjectives.




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